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Customize fabric


You can use this to see if your layout repeats correctly. Then contact us by email for any questions and your order. Small files can only be attached to email; for larger files use
We have two services.
Category 1 standard width 145cm min Orders of 10 meters of each quality can be a combination of 2 designs. Maximum design size fabric width x 300 cm
Category 2 double width 280cm Minimum orders of 50 meters each quality, can be a combination of 2 designs. Maximum design size fabric width x 300 cm

Choose a fabric from the list and customize it with your designs, photos or repeat files, you can print the entire fabric with the same repeating design (rapport mode) or customize freely using an unlimited number of designs (free mode)

  1. First you have to choose from the list on which fabric you want to print your designs, the width of the designer will change according to the width of the fabric.
  2. In step two you have to choose how many cm you want to see repeated or placed in free mode, once again the program will automatically change according to the chosen height.
  3. In step three you have to upload the designs to the web, please be patient, when uploading large files it may take a few seconds for the design to appear.
  • The files must be in JPG pr PNG format and have a maximum seize of 250 MB , we recommend that the resolution of the design is 150 PPP ( pixels per inch )
  • If the design has another resolution, it will be automatically printed on the canvas at 150 PPP
    You can increase or decrease the size of the design by changing the resolution in rapport mode, there are more options for a free mode design.
  • The last step is to add the fabric to the cart, please be patient because this process can be very long, when the process is complete the website will take you directly to your basket.



Shipping and delivery

Custom fabric is a product that does not physically exist when you make the order.

As soon as we receive your order we start to print the white fabric with the designs that you have uploaded through this tool,
For this process we need a time of between 3-4 weeks, your order will be delivered to the MRW transport agency on any of these days.

When the order is in the possession of the agency in charge of delivering it, it is the business of that company to deliver the package as quickly as possible,
shipments are urgent, you should receive your order in max 24 hours.

You will receive your order tracking number via email so you can check where your package is at any time.